What is Nightlife?

By | June 8, 2016

Nightlife in Las Vegas is amazingly. From bars every night, nightclubs on weekends, pool clubs, strip clubs round the clock, no other city beats Las Vegas otherwise dubbed Sin City. Once the sun sets, the party kicks off all over the city. So, what is nightlife like in LV? The following are features that define nightlife in Las Vegas. They present unique nightlife experiences enough to put all fancies and imaginations into perspective.

Wines and Spirits of Sin City

The most outstanding thing that sets Sin City bars apart from other watering holes in other cities is the utter number of booze bottles. Any Cocktail connoisseurs should just head right to Downtown Cocktail Lounge where on a scale of 1 for the very approachable to 5 for the advanced palate. Wine drinkers should not think they have seen all before they behold Aureole the only place in the world where liquor bottles are stored in a four-story bottles tower that only requires finely harnessed “Wine Angels” to rightfully retrieve them. For those who enjoying imbibing while at the same time taking a breathtaking view of heavens, get an experience of a lifetime by visiting the Level 107 Lounge situated on 107th Floor of Stratosphere. The place has a smattering signature cocktails, wide, spirits, top self-liquors and much more.

Combined Rooftop and nightclub experience

Nightlife is not complete until you combine both rooftop experience and nightclub experience. No other one does that better that Chateau, located at Paris in Las Vegas. At 3655LV Boulevard South and spanning 45,000 plus square feet and straggling across two tall stories, this nightclub features two distinct nightlife key experiences. It is open Friday, Saturday and Wednesday nights as from 10:00 pm to dawn. Enjoy complimentary admission on Wednesdays nights open to locals who have an ID. Local Ladies enjoy free admission all the time. General admission is twenty bucks for women and 30 for men, except during special events. Take note that dress code is stringently enforced.

Gamble at a world-famed Casino

With one foot in the future and one in the past, the almost a half a century old Caesar Palace has always remained an icon of Las Vegas. It is, undoubtedly, one of the very last old-school gems remaining, and only a few-if any-of LV casinos can come close to it for ecstasy. Before you place you bet, first study the subject. Take advantage of Gambler Gen store library, available in Vegas Downtown to gain an insight into “how to” and gifts of the various games. Fans of poker will have their thirst quenched at Bellagio where they are likely to share the table with the world’s celebrated players, or better still at Golden Nugget where they are going to try matching their skills with unidentified grizzled veterans who seem to have been at the tables for years.

Nightlife of its kind at LiFE

The destination that delivers the ultimate nightlife experience goes by the name LiFE. With an unbridled celebration of sound, form and, most importantly, sight, LiFE provides the fascinating versatility of both daylife and nightlife in one charming multi-level venue. Its more than 20,000 square feet of space plus over 60 foot ceilings makes LiFE the only nightclub that accentuates nightlife experience. It features dynamic visual as well as lighting elements and elegantly curated combination of up and coming and premier DJ talent. Strategically located in in the location of previously known as the Sahara Theatre, the nightclub makes use of vivid HD Light Emitting Diodes (LED) screens, spectacular aerialists and performers to remarkably augment the music experience.

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