How to Deal with Sexual Assault

By | July 8, 2017

Sexual assault can be described as a situation where an individual is either physically forced or coerced in any other manner to engage in sexual activity. It can also include the non-consensual touching of an individual in a sexual manner. Sexual assault is a serious matter and unfortunately something that is widespread across the globe. It is essential for all concerned (which in this case means everyone) to address the issue if it is to be effectively purged from today’s society. Ignoring the subject can be said to be similar to the promotion of this vile act and if it is not addressed, it has the potential to grow and become a common part of today’s world.

Crying womanOne of the areas regarding sexual assault that needs to be addressed is the prevention of the act, as well as how to deal with the repercussions should one fall victim to this crime. It is crucial for everyone to be aware of the various steps that they should take when faced with the potential of being assaulted, or actually falling victim to this act. This information could play a role in how an individual is able to deal with such a scenario, as well as help in reducing the number of incidents that take place with regard to this kind of assault.
Those who find themselves faced with the potential of being sexually assaulted can deal with it in a number of ways. Some of these include:

Stand your Ground

Should an individual attempt to touch a person in a sexual manner without their consent, offer unwanted sexual advances or perform any kind of act that can be perceived as sexual assault, they will need to be made aware of the repercussions so as to discourage them from continuing with their actions. Those who fall victim to such actions will need to stand their ground and make it clear to the perpetrator that they will not be intimidated. Some common cases involve people taking advantage of their official positions to coerce an unwilling individual into accepting their advances. However, if an individual fights back and makes it clear that such actions will not be tolerated, not only will these advances likely stop, but such actions could dissuade the perpetrator from attempting these acts with another individual.

Report the Matter to the Relevant Authorities

It is also crucial that an individual report the perpetrator of a sexual assault to the most relevant authorities. The authorities in question could depend on the level of assault committed, as well as the particular environment where the act has taken place. A superior trying to coerce a subordinate into sexual activity will need to be reported to the company they are employed by for example. This can be done by drafting a complaint to the organization (usually addressed to the HR department) regarding the situation. More serious cases should be taken to the nearest police station, especially if one fears for their wellbeing.

Sexual assault should not be tolerated in any form and is a scourge that needs to be effectively and wholly purged from society.

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