5 Things All Men Should Know About Female Orgasm

By | April 20, 2017

Although, on the surface of it, this one’s for the boys, I’ll let you read along too, ladies. There are still lots of things that both genders misunderstand about female orgasm. And I think that the main reason that it’s seen as such an elusive thing, is because we simply don’t know enough about it.
Knowledge really is power, but when I say that, guys, I don ’t necessarily mean first-hand knowledge. In fact, too much first-hand knowledge might be a bad thing, because if you assume you know all there is to know about pleasing a woman, you’re dead wrong!

64b52ab8a476e45fd15385a132187e245. All Women Are Different
If you’ve been around the block, you might think you know exactly what turns a woman on. Well, you might and you might not. The simple fact is that all women are different, they want different things from sex, they have varying desires and, most importantly, all women are slightly different physiologically as are men, just in case you were wondering. The point is that you shouldn’t ever assume that you know what a woman wants. Make sure you’re listening and watching your lover to learn which of your moves really turn her on.

4. Penetration Isn’t Always The Way
Many men assume that it takes a long time to bring a woman to climax, and this is usually because they believe that penetration is the route to all orgasm. While I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be aiming for vaginal orgasm through penetration, there are other ways to ensure your lady is satisfied. Clitoral stimulation can bring a woman to climax very quickly. However, during intercourse, you’re not always positioned correctly to provide this delicious friction. So, you can either alter your position or introduce your hands into the mix.

3. Female Orgasm is Just as Much About Psychology as Physiology
If you’re familiar with the various parts of the female body, have a good feel for where the erogenous zones are and don’t flinch at the word “clitoris”, you probably think that you know exactly what you’re doing in the bedroom. I’m not suggesting that having an acquaintance with the female form isn’t useful, because, of course, it is. However, for a woman, her ability to reach orgasm has as much, if not more, to do with what’s going on in her head.

0e6fa5f16ec50dae699ca5cce541b7a72. Female Orgasm Isn’t Hard to Achieve
Don’t believe all the stuff you read and hear about female orgasm being difficult to come by. I’ll let you into a little secret, guys, very few women have any trouble reaching climax during masturbation and, often, orgasm can be reached very quickly. The key to a female orgasm is simple: arousal, relaxation and stimulation. If you’re not sure how to best bring your lover to orgasm, ask her, because she almost certainly knows how to do it for herself.

1. Your Work Shouldn’t Stop With One
Women are made to have multiple orgasms. Although most women are grateful for just one, she’ll worship you forever if you can give her more. Don’t assume that when she’s climaxed, you can relax, reach your own orgasm and then pass out. In fact, it really doesn’t matter if you climax first, as long as you’re still able to stimulate her. Bear in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean with your penis.

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