Are escorts in Las Vegas agencies’ sites real?

By | January 13, 2018

All the people appreciate some pumping in their lives, but it is also important to know how to deal with some lowlifes. If you want to deal with Las Vegas hookers, sometime you may have to deal with different problems and it may ruin the entire experience. When you hire an escort from a website, you may deal with the people who have posted fake ads and they only want to get your money. There are ads where the scammer is trying to get the information on your credit cards and the providers who are completely different from the photos and the escort booking, which ends with robbery.

Since escorting is illegal in the city, you may have to be careful about how you deal with the escorts.

Fake ads for the people who are looking to get your money

The fake ads have been set up in order to draw the clients in. Their goal is getting the deposit which you pay when you book them and they will cancel on you or they may refuse to come to you as you agreed. Normally, their ads are cheaper compared to others and the provider’s photo looks always good. When you search to see if the photo is real or not or to use the image links, you will find that the same photo had been used on different websites, different cities and under different names. The woman will provide the email and the phone number, if you call, you will be told to send a small deposit to ensure that you do not cancel on her as it happens often. After sending the deposit asked, then you will not hear from her again. When a provider tells you that you should pay the deposit, you should not do that but look for someone else.

Where the fake escort wants the credit card information

The same as the fake deposit ads, such ads have photos of men or women, who are good looking. You will email using the address provided and the person will not take long to reply telling you that they are ready to meet your wherever and whenever you want to. You will then be asked to verify identify to ensure the safety of an escort. You will be given a link where you are told to sign up. They may promise that they are not going to charge the credit card or they may charge the credit card just a dollar. You should never give the credit card information like a part of your verification process.

Providers who are different from these in the photos

This is something to expect often. You can see a woman in the picture, who is completely gorgeous and when you call her, she will be sounding sweet and if you open the door, sometime, then you get someone who is completely different. Sometime you may book for a blonde, but only a brunette appears at the door. She may say that she dyed the hair and she did not take a new photo yet. This may happen if a girl is busy and decides to send a friend. They think that when someone comes and she is already at the door, you cannot turn her away.

If you want to avoid this, you can ask the provider to send a photo of herself in a mirror with a word that you want on it. This is to make sure that you get the latest photo of the girl and you can know if she is not the one coming to you.

To avoid the escort that may rob you, you should not take the escort to your home or apartment, make sure that you only deal with the escort who have sent the real photo of herself to you.

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