Adult Industry

By | June 8, 2016

What is the adult industry? The commercial enterprise relating to the sale or purchase of sex related services that range from the pornography in the entertainment industry to commercial sex workers’ prostitution. There is an event dubbed AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) that goes down each January in Vegas, Nevada sponsored by AVN Magazine. Many have described it as the biggest adult industry trade show in US. A public health concern has, however, been mounting by day, implying that the adult industry has constantly been under assault by different opponents from various corners.

What does the Law say?

Prostitution is illegal in LV, yet as you walk from one end of the Strip to the next, you come across several names and numbers for persons purporting to offer escort services. Whether or not prostitution is legal to shoot in Las Vegas, nonetheless, is a very shadowy affair. Some are of the opinion that so long as both are adults, the whole thing is consensual, both parties involved are treated with respect and their act does not violate any zoning issues, shooting an adult film is legal. Las Vegas is, however, a city that takes pride in upholding “anything goes” philosophy-though with some restrictions. Adult industry remains illegal technically in the city.


Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) is a four-day show that does down yearly in January in Vegas. It mixes industry-only happenings with open hours to meet the demands of fans seeking photo opportunities, memorabilia and autographs. The first 2 days have access limited to persons who work in the adult industry and are said to be “Trade Only” while the remaining two days include open hours for followers. One of the main attractions of the show is the appearance made by major adult industry stars. Awards are awarded on the last night of the show. The show will be held from 18th to 21st, January 2017.

Adult Industry Producers Shift to LV

The adult industry is shifting from Los Angeles to Las Vegas after a low was passed in the former requiring all actors to use condoms. In fact, at an Adult Entertainment Expo here in Vegas, one porn purveyor warned reporters against asking him about condoms. He went ahead to inform them that changing the way they make their movies was not an option at all; moving production elsewhere would be much more convenient. Surprisingly, in Clark County, situated in Nevada where Las Vegas is also located, no law necessitates the use of prophylactics and porn actors are not required to even undergo any health checks. The fees needed to acquire a permit are much smaller too.

Reasons why Adult industry is shifting to Vegas

High taxes, stringent regulations coupled with a high cost of living are progressively teaming up to push adult industry out of California, which has been considered for long the porn world capital, to Las Vegas where rules governing pornographic activities are still relaxed. One marketing director for an internet pornography company-gong by the name Samantha Ryder-reported their shooting is moving to Miami and Vegas. Reason? Compelling performers to use condoms is tantamount to infringing on their choices since most of them prefer no condoms. He added that their main aim was to make ensure the girls are happy.

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