How to pick up girls

By | June 8, 2016

It has been a very hard task for most men outside there who experience challenges when looking for pretty girls to hook up with. Most men brag how good they are when it comes to picking ladies but others are left wondering how they achieve this. There being a lot of places where one can get these girls, most of us lack the skills to approach them. Guys let’s face reality; it has been tough for most of us to strike conversations with girls. The reason behind all this is because we have this fear of getting rejected or getting a negative response and as men we believe strongly that we shouldn’t be defeated. Though technology has introduced dating Apps which allow people to get hooked up, it’s evident that most of us got disappointed by the end of the day since they are talking to strangers whom they aren’t sure about. Some find it awesome but it’s not a secure way of getting hooked up. Others believe that they can only get pretty girls on the bars, clubs or even parties, but how sure are they that this girls will be honest to them?. If you are wondering how to get and where to get these pretty ladies, you do not need to worry because i am going to take you through easy steps on how you can pick up girls and the best places to get them.

1. The best place to pick up a girl.

According to me the best place to get a pretty girl is in the cafes, shopping malls, banks and may be in the streets. Once you have identified that pretty lady that you dreamt of don’t hesitate or start thinking twice on how to approach her, this is the moment you need to be yourself and think very fast on the best approach for her. After you have gained your confidence go where she is and say hi to her and put a smile on your face and tell her your name. Some guys tend to beat the bush by trying to pretend that they have seen the girl before. In case you happen to have spotted the lady before don’t even let her know because this will send a message to her that you are not confident of yourself and maybe you don’t know what you are looking for. After you have greeted her, try and get to know her name and probably request her for a cup of coffee or a drink, anyway who doesn’t like free offers. Again remember this should be done in a very polite way because your main aim here is to win her. When she agrees your offer, thank her,

2. Getting to know her.

I know a times it’s a challenge having a conversation with someone you haven’t met before but try to ask her some questions. You can ask her questions like where she comes, what she likes and lots more. Turn this into a conversation and also tell her much about you and who exactly you are and try to create a sense of humour from your conversation. This will make her even like you more as ladies love guys who are funny. Make sure your body language is perfect when you are striking conversations with her, since ladies don’t like guys who are shy. Keep your eye contact and put a smile while you mantain your eye contact on her. This will tell whether she is interested on the topic of discussion or not. Don’t try to stammer or mumble words that she can’t even hear try to be clear. Ladies like men who are brave and speak out their mind and express their feelings without fear of being rejected. After the first meeting sum up everything and thank her for the great time that she has spend with you and politely request her to give you her contacts.

3. Asking for the first date.

When you have both exchanged your contacts make sure you get back to her probably in a day or two and ask her for a day out. After you have both agreed where to meet and when, avoid calling her to inquire where she is and in case she requests for rescheduling of the date, don’t be so insisting this might be a test so try to be flexible and patient. On the day of meeting you can come along with one of your friends just for security reasons and to introduce him to your new girlfriend. Make sure you sit on a separate table away from your friends as this might make the lady not feel comfortable when having conversations. Also make sure you cater for all your bills as ladies find it awkward for a guy to ask them to pay or share the bill. Take responsibility as ladies love men who are caring. Get to know each other and always remember to keep in touch with her as communication is the key to a successful relationship.

Follow the above easy steps and become a veteran in picking girls. All the best

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