The best clubs in Las Vegas strip

By | June 8, 2016

Las Vegas strip is home to the world’s best clubs. The clubs are undoubtedly the top-grossing in the city, and the trends they show do not show any sign of slowing down any time soon. Club goers are spoilt for choice and hence keep on flocking Las Vegas every night to experience to experience firsthand the city’s lavish dance clubs. Check out the following list of the very best clubs in Las Vegas strip.

Light Nightclub

Located in Mandalay Bay, Light night club delivers a show of its kind. It has partnered up with a wide entertainers and acrobats to ensure that revelers get a night to behold. The club prides itself in being the first-ever club inspired by Cirque du Solei, and merges state-of-the-art creativity with a farfetched music so as to produce a totally new type of nightlife experience. Its elegant and expansive venue features cutting-edge production, renown DJs, theatrics and performers who stop at nothing to deliver high-tech event each and every night guaranteed to make everyone part of the show. The entire environment around Light is full of stunning structures.


Marguee is a spectacular nightclub complete with everything that a roisterer may want, ranging from loud music and modest dancing space to sufficient booze, all intended to make partygoers have a night to remember. But Marguee is not the usual one awesome club. No. Marguee is a distinctive well designed club featuring several bars as well as 3 distinct rooms-The Boom Box, The Main Room and The Library, complete with different musical experience. The Boombox, a club within a club, is not only more private, but also intimate and the Library is billed to be the best library in the Las Vegas. It features views of strips, a separate sound system and DJ to make the experience one of its kind.


Hakkasan, located in the MGM Grand, provides an all-inclusive nightlife experience. It has several stairs that connect the club’s five floors that include a large dance floor, expansive bar areas and a Ling Ling Lounge, for those who may need some downtime, ideal for revelers to grab a seat and escape the dance party for a while. The available amazing space provides guests with a reason to reconnoiter beyond the central floor in addition to every level having its own energy. The club engages renowned artists who have on turn tailored their performance and presentations to suit the exceptional capabilities of the club in unique ways that enhance their own styles.


XS happens to be one of the best clubs thanks to the fact that its designers gave it a futuristic design, feel and look. Modeled after Tyrist, its predecessor at Wynn which pioneered an era of success, the club has an perfect layout complete with several places to dance besides leaving humble space for one to get to the bars and enjoy a drink, a feature that is ordinarily rare for such a magnificent club. The club designers acknowledged one very important fact-in Las Vegas getting to the bar is crucial. XS generously provides a passionate and stylish club environment decorated in extremely gold, black and brown bronze plus more than ten thousand individual light sources that illuminate the club. Focal features include outdoor VIP cabanas, gold leaf body forms and a huge circular dance floor bordered by VIP tables. Only top DJs play in XS. An event calendar and a full listing are also available so that guests can have a look and choose the night that will give them the music they love.

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