How to behave in Las Vegas nightclubs

By | June 8, 2016

Many persons go to LV to see shows, gamble, and sample fine dining among many more other activities depending on one’s age group. For instance, for those aged between 20 and 30, the main purpose is almost always to dance away. Las Vegas has undoubtedly stamped its authority as a 24/7/365 hot dance club epicenter of the entire world. Regardless of the purpose of the visit there laid down guidelines on how to: behave in Las Vegas nightclubs that may come in handy for first timers and regular goers alike.

Patience is crucial

The wait, both for the artists and DJ’s, more so on Fridays and Saturdays, at those most popular clubs can be lengthy. Interestingly, most of these high-end clubs are open only on weekends-Weekend here starts from Thursday through Sunday. Only a handful opens throughout the week mostly in the evenings. While the action kicks off at around 10:00, the real party starts at midnight and goes on till down. The “Early Birds”, therefore, have no choice except to exercise some patience before they can experience the action starts gains momentum.

Pricing Policy

There are three price tiers as follows

1. Cover Charge tier permits the owner to get in one by one provided there is available room; else one must wait in the line. Individuals with cover charge are at times kept waiting for up to fours. Buying a line pass via eBay or over the internet does in no way guarantee VIP status. What it simply does is move its owner from the GA (General Admission) line to the somewhat shorter line. So, what should one do? Get to the nightclub early to avoid paying higher cover charge.

2. VIP Ticket implies no waiting, but usually costs twice-or more-as much as cover charge. This tier gets its owner in faster eliminating the need to wait in the rather long queues for hours till end with several upset would-be partiers. Once inside, the bearer will have to behave themselves by just standing up or wondering around. The good thing is most renown celebrities are likely to be there too as is mostly the case. All available public tables and chairs are shattered up very fast.

3. Bottle/Table service tier is the third and last tier at the hot nightclubs in ultra-lounges. In Vegas, you have to part with a lot of bucks to be given a sit. This tier, therefore, admits its owner to velvet demarcated area within a nightclub when you buy a bottle of a drink for anything in the range of 200 to 400 dollars. An immediate entry for 4 persons, a table as well as free mixers are added too. Note though that club goers in LV pour their own liquor and are allowed to invite friends to the table.

Dress Codes

All nightclubs and ultra-lounges impose a dress code from time to time that dictates how attendees should dress and also behave.


Ladies have some leeway and hence with a wide variety of outfits except flip flop sandals which are occasionally frowned on. A cute sexy dress provided it fits the body nicely with a sexy set of heels will almost always work. After obeying this simple rule, feign or other, a joyful mood and everything will work out well.


Guys, unfortunately, must adhere to standard set of dress code rules lest they are locked out of the clubs. Note too, that two gents in similar attire are likely to be treated by security or hosts with unwelcome reactions at the entrance. Such attire annoys and tempts them to leave such persons outside the club.

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