A Woman’s Guide To Oral Sex

By | June 8, 2016

Are you looking for a jump up’ time with that handsome, dark haired young lad? Do you feel that something is making a breach in your reverie world because probably you are missing out some gaiety element s? Take a deep breath and stop fretting because I am about to give you some amazing tips on how to get a thrill out of an oral sex. Here you go!

Any lass would be eerie over the thought of whether she would be able to satisfy her partner on first sex’ date! Of course, you have to take charge of some things because he will be watching out for some good rapture.

1. Make yourself congenial first.

This is really essential as your partner would definitely want you to be comfortable enough so that it doesn’t get cumbersome further. So try to alleviate yourself from any kind of odd thoughts and make sure that you are making a room for good amount of snug.

2. Focus on the secret zones. Wink-wink!

By secret zones, I mean these are the very essential points he wants you to be immersed in. Concentrate on the part under the phallus. It makes him go bonkers, trust me! Place your hand at the bottom of the shaft which will make him quite engrossed into action. Don’t forget to slurp on the tip of his cock, both of you would have some zest whilst this.

3. You don’t have to hinge on one specific position.

Even he has a yen for taking a range over your body. You can still give him an elbow room for the same. You can give him a BJ in different positions. You can go for a “69” position where both of you have a chance to make out for each other at the same time. You can even go for a missionary position. Hell yeah! Instead of taking dick inside your twat, he will be making a way in your maw. In this position, you allow him to play with your bazookas. This is a must try if you want to give your best shot!

4. Create a good suction.

This is very simple. Take his cock inside your mouth and place your tongue beneath. Create a little suction right at this point and move it to and fro in such a manner that it goes out of your jaw and you tend to suck it again. You are going to leave him completely astounded if you follow this rule applying the right technique. Make sure that you don’t create suction too strong as your teeth might give this session an amiss. You can keep frolicking on his shaft while tasting his balls in a very gentle and soft manner as it is a very delicate point.

5. Make him come in a savvy attitude.

Try to understand his member in a proper manner and figure out when is he about to come. And when you finely tune with that timing just lose yourself and give him an ample of time to enjoy the climax. Do not rush on orgasm, take it in a plain-sailing manner.

So, these are some tips which I am very sure would be very nifty for all of you.

Have a good time!

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